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What will happen with high heels in 2019

High heels have had a tough time for a while now.

This summer we’ve seen more women wearing high heels than in quite some time. It seemed as heels were pushed away more and more, women started to turn back to them.

Honestly, we’ve seen a big rise in women in everyday situations wearing heels. Quite a few of them were just in the park, taking a stroll with a loved one. Others were out and about, some were going to and from work. But many of them were indeed wearing high heels. #AvailableonLala

Now heels are starting to come back. But they are also coming back to their classic roots. They are more elegant, stylish. They don’t aim to be the most attention-grabbing item of your look. Instead, they aim to add to your look and complete it. They are the finishing touch, as they should be.





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