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How To Make Heels Comfortable

Maybe you’re just not ready to give up on your favorite pair of heels just yet. After all, you spent a decent chunk of change on them. Your cutest and most painful shoes deserve a second chance with these next few tricks!

Walk Properly in Your High Heels!

Not exactly a high heel hack, buuut….the best advice we can give you about how to make heels not hurt, is by walking in them properly. Knowing how to walk in high heels properly & comfortably, however, isn’t as obvious as one might think!

And the whole concept of walking properly may sound ridiculous. You have been walking since you were a 1-year old, after all. But as heels aren’t always designed with comfort in mind, the simple adage of one foot in front of the other, doesn’t quite cut it. Meaning that walking in heels requires a whole new lesson in walking!

Here are a 3 steps (heehee) on the best way to walk in heels to maximize comfort and minimize pain:

Walk Heel-Toe

This may seem silly as mostly everyone walks from heel-toe. But if you’re known for stomping rather than stepping, then this tip is for you! The motion of walking in heels

properly is placing your heel down first & then stepping forward to place your toes down.

It’s important to remember that the walking motion in high heels is different from wearing flats. When wearing flats, you can go from heel to whatever part of your foot & not lose balance. In heels, you have to go heel-toe. Or you might fall!

One hack that might help with walking in stiletto heels is using heel caps. These, usually used to help with walking on grass & cobblestones in heels also work for making walking easier. Because they not only protect your heel points, but also add more surface area to your heels, hence, making your stiletto, much less..well…stiletto-ey! And easier to walk in.

Take Small Steps

Save the long strides for the runway models! One of the tricks to walking with heels (and doing so comfortably) is to take smaller steps. Why? Because wearing heels shortens your stride.

With smaller steps, you are more in control of your balance. Meaning that falling down, tripping & hurting your foot is less likely to occur.

Posture, Posture, Posture!

Wearing heels changes your center of gravity meaning slouching is a no-go. Bring your shoulders back & keep your head high!

Just imagine a string that’s connected from the base of your spine all the way to the tip of your head. Keep that string straight & you’ll walk like a pro in no time!





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